Albanian fashion designer born in Prishtina, Kosovo on the 19th October 1986. Founder and first lover of Valdrin Sahiti Official, the biggest fashion house of the Ballkans, actually a worldwide renowned brand and luxury company that manufactures evening and wedding gowns.

Valdrin Sahiti “The Designer, the Dreammaker”

Mr. Sahiti hosted his very first runway show at the age of sixteen, in 2005. He became the first male designer in Kosovo and Albania, creating unique pieces for celebrities and encouraging women to embrace their differences, beautiful souls, to always be wonderful. 

Mr. Sahiti invested most of his quality time in education and earned Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelor Degree in Bank & Finance completed at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo. Also, he holds a Master Degree in Fashion and Merchandising in Kosovo. 

While building his empire, Mr. Sahiti taught fashion design for more than ten years. By the time that the basis of the fashion industry was laid in Kosovo, his aim was to build, help and improve the very difficult sector, the fashion industry and manufacturing. His great intuition, passion and personal belief has built about 95% careers of the actual designers that started either as his students or assistants. 

Talking about fashion after the war in Kosovo was the craziest thing to do, even though it was his ambition and persistence to change the mindset, to talk about creativity and a beautiful living. This led him into becoming the very first man who was different, electric and energetic, bringing something new, daring, and unique into the mix. 

The man with the real vibe, at the right moment.

Mr. Sahiti himself during the most important years of building the brand, worked very hard covering both roles as the CEO and Creative Director for almost 15 years. 

During all these 15 years as well as the best marketing strategist of his brand Mr. Sahiti didn’t invest in the classical marketing alternatives because his vision was based on the “word-of-mouth” and the happiness of his clients.

 “The sparkling eyes of our ladies and their satisfaction of feeling beautiful are the best marketing!” – he always believed. 

After a decade of being the most famous designing brand in Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia, as an artist and businessman Mr. Sahiti launches the “Mannequin” as the new strategy to present his collections to the world.  

He was the first one to use it, because he is a firm believer that his dresses are not based on a muse, rather the techniques and drapes used in his designs can make every woman feel happy and look gorgeous. 

Since then, thanks to social media and his “Mannequin” Valdrin Sahiti brand became wanted worldwide and wore international celebrities like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Paris Hilton, Bella Thorne, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Winnie Harlow, and many more.

Mr. Sahiti is happily married to his beautiful wife Mrs. Edita Ramadani since 2017. They celebrated their love in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. The couple has two wonderful daughters, Bella and Paris. Mr. Sahiti and his family are based in Prishtina, Kosovo where his flagship store and the main factory employing almost 100 people resides too.

“With us, You don’t wear dresses, you wear dreams”